Creating a generation of learners

“Over the coming decades, education and skills will matter more than ever to the prosperity of individuals and economies. With up to half of today’s jobs – especially low- and medium-skilled jobs – at high risk of disappearing due to automation, and with shifting global demographics placing greater pressures on productivity, higher levels of skills will become increasingly vital for growth. Some 40 percent of employers globally are already finding it difficult to recruit people with the skills they need. If current trends continue, more than 1.5 billion adults will have no education beyond primary school in 2030. If education in much of the world fails to keep up with changing skill demands, the growing skills gap will stunt economic growth around the world, and threatens to have far-reaching social and political repercussions.”

-Education Commission “Achieving a learning generation.”

Growing populations in developing countries, rapidly changing environments, the relentless growth and pervasiveness of technology and robotics- changing the way we do everything – are creating an urgent need to reshape education. Businesses have a major stake in the future of education globally, as they require a workforce who is just not skilled, but flexible and retrainable according to the changes which are constantly happening.

What are we doing about this?

COPUBLICA helps the members of the ED-WIN community in international project sales and development to address these exact issues. The companies in the community operate in several different sectors such as infrastructure, publishing, program management, Ed-tech and teacher training. Companies are matched to different project opportunities, and work together to create a broad and effective value proposition for an education project.
With an extensive network of companies, the community is able to go after a variety of projects, both on a local and national level, worldwide. The power of collaboration within the community allows us to make a tangible impact in the educational sphere. Some examples of projects ED-WIN members have completed so far are improving education access to young girls, developing an education model of higher quality and relevance and educating teachers to use digital training tools in the classroom. It’s a long road to overhaul education on a global scale, but the members of the ED-WIN are contributing towards that change.

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Les Anderson