Professional networks are great for making new connections, communicating with like-minded individuals and promoting one’s own brand.
Yet ED-WIN is not a network. ED-WIN is a community, the goal of this community is not only communication but collaboration.The ED-WIN community is about connecting the people who feel that their business has the potential to change education. Fulfilling this potential in the world of public projects and international funding is a complex challenge.
One organization, working alone, does not generally have the bandwidth to create a huge impact, especially when ‘changing education’ can mean nationwide education system reforms. There are also many other factors in play, such as the volatility of the sales process or political agendas, which can also hurt an organization’s chances of succeeding in its endeavors.  
However, several international organizations working together; each bringing their values, skills, and resources with them, and supported by experts every step of the way, do have the capacity to create tangible change.
This is what ED-WIN community is.


The community goes after various type of projects funded by agencies such as USAID, the World Bank Group, and the European Commission amongst others

Targeted Education Projects

Girls Education

Refugee Education

STEM Education

National Education Reform Projects

Technology in Education

Robotics programs

Tablet/Laptop programs

Digital reform and implementation projects


Training programs

Innovation Studios

Teacher Training projects

Job creation educational programs

Vocational Training programs


Providing a holistic perspective to project lead management

When bidding for a public project, it is essential to bring a proposition which exceeds the expectations of the contracting party. We know that organizations are not set up to think holistically when it comes to projects. Governments are. That means that there is a mismatch between many large projects and the organizations that are bidding for them, as most organizations have too narrow a perspective and do not bring the right value proposition.

COPUBLICA thinks about projects in the same way governments do. In a way, COPUBLICA is the operational glue between all the organizations in the community and other external stakeholders. We ensure that the best minds are working together, and thus develop great concepts which can create tangible, valuable change. That way, we can feel confident that best value propositions are being matched to the project opportunities that are out there.

As an organization, you can choose to spend 80% of your time looking for projects, looking for partners, finding the right contacts, discussing partnerships and dancing around. Otherwise, you can spend 80% of your time doing the more important things such as concept development and tender compliance, while our team of experts work on finding the right partners and project leads for you.


as consultants to the community